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Balga Primary School

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For driving directions to Balga Primary School, please see the map below.

Balga Primary School is located approximately 10 kilometres north of the Perth Central Business District and is part of the Swan Education district.
The large school grounds provide students and teachers with abundant room to engage in a variety of sporting activities during play periods.

At Balga we recognize and value the cultural diversity of our students. Balga has a 24% ethnic student background base with English as a Second Language and approximately a 22% Aboriginal student population.

Balga primary School is a level 4 school with a student enrolment of 200 and caters for all children from kindergarten to year 7 including two education support units. All classrooms are air-conditioned.


Balga maintains consistency of experienced staff with the majority of staff having worked at the school for 5 years or more. Staff at Balga demonstrate commitment to each child's right to access the curriculum and the right of each child to learn in a positive learning environment, which caters for the educational needs of the individual.

Leadership at Balga Primary is shared and based on skill and commitment, accountability is understood, shared and demonstrated by all staff. A conscious awareness is given to building a strong positive relationship with all client groups and every effort is made to maintain honest, clear two-way communications between staff, students, parents and community.

Promotional positions consists of:
* Principal and Deputy Principal

Leadership and support positions:
* Getting it Right, Mathematics Specialist
* LOTE - Indonesian
* Physical Education Specialist
* Music Specialist
* School Chaplain
* School Based Community Liaison Officer
* English as a Second Language cell teacher (ESL)
* Two Aboriginal Education Officers (AIEO)

Several special needs assistants operate within the school's two education support units, pre-primary and kindergarten, playing a vital role in the education and well being of students.

Balga Primary is very ably supported by a School Registrar and an office assistant who manage the schools finances, records and are the welcoming face to the school.


Balga has excellent facilities to cater for the students educational social and physical needs. The school has large well planned classrooms, wet areas, facilities for viewing videos/educational TV programs and two large ovals for general play and sports. All classroms are air-conditioned.


* Cooperative skill building games every morning
* Timetable for staff collaboration and planning sessions
* Comprehensive and consistent screening for students at educational risk
* Successful integration of education support students in mainstream activities and classes
* Literacy Learning Centre for year 1-3 students
* Quality access for ESL students through Balga cell teacher program
* Provision of LOTE - Indonesian in years 3 - 7
* Information and Communication Technology - Part of the 100 Schools Project
* Emphasis on rewards and incentives programs
* Comprehensive and consistent Behaviour Management in Schools policy and whole-school program (Traffic Lights - Reflective Behaviours)
* Participation in sports carnivals and inter school sports programs
* Peer Mediation
* Conductive Hearing Loss Program (K-3)
* Volunteer Mentor program
* School breakfast
* School Chaplaincy
* Family links Program - Home Liaison Officer
* Year 6/7 Leadership camp
* Parent interviews/ three-way conferenceTerms 1 and 2 to report on student progress


School Council
* The School Council shares responsibility for school decision-making, representing parents and staff in the review, development and ratification of the School Development Plan.
* Parent & Citizens meetings.

* Nominated staff have responsibility for Cost Centres
* Representation on all school committees

* Student Councillor meetings
* House Captain and Vice-Captain meetings


Our priority areas are Literacy (writing) and Mathematics (number). Whilst our students are working well, the National Literacy and Numeracy testing places a significant number of our students below the benchmark in 'pockets' throughout the school. It is our intention to see an overall improvement in these areas, particularly for Aboriginal and English as a Second Language students.

Balga Primary School

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GPS Coordinates Decimal Decimal Deg Min & Sec Deg & Decimal Min
Latitude -31.8611° S 31.8611° S 31° 51' 39.96" -31° 51.666'
Longitude 115.844° E 115.844° E 115° 50' 38.4" 115° 50.64'
11 Fernhurst Crescent
Western Australia
Phone No.
08 9344 2602
If calling from outside Australia: +61 8 9344 2602

Fax No.
08 9345 3725
If calling from outside Australia: +61 8 9345 3725

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